How to Volunteer

We are relying largely on volunteers for the production of the community mural so any help is wonderful even if just for a couple of hours. No prior experience with murals is necessary, however, we are also looking for a team of about six experienced people to work with Rafael directly the week of May 6-11. This will assure that the mural will be ready for the community to paint on Saturday May 11, 2019.

Positions Needed

Rafael’s Team (May 6-11)

Rafael’s team will work closely with him the week leading up to the Saturday event. These people should have some experience with murals with preferable knowledge of the grid method using chalk lines. Many may work on a scissor lift and these hours will be longer than most other positions. If you would like to join Rafael’s team please make note of this in the signup form below.

Flyer Distributors (April 6)

We need to get the word out in the neighborhood surrounding the location of the mural. Flyer distributors will go door-to-door passing out flyers and speaking to the community about the event. Furthermore, Spanish and Hmong speaking persons would be a great way to communicate with many of the families in the area, but this is not a requirement to participate. Dates of flyer posting will be announced soon.

Wall Preparers (April 18)

The wall needs to be prepared before the Rafael’s arrival on May 6. This will include scraping, cleaning and evening the wall. Instructions will be given at the day of the preparation which will be announced soon.

Line Leaders (May 11)

Line leaders will gather groups of painters and guide them to the mural when it is there turn, where they will be received by paint pour-ers. Additionally, when a group is finished with their turn painting, they will guide them back to the celebration.

Paint Pourers (May 11)

It’s pretty self-explanatory but this job entails communicating with individuals of all ages and types of the community. The paint pour-ers will be on the receiving end of the line leaders. They will be responsible for asking each person what color paint they would like to use and pouring them into their individual bowls.

Cleanup Crew (May 11)

We imagine there will be quite the mess so we would appreciate any hands here.

Other Duties as Assigned

The need for other positions may arise before or during the event. Volunteers should be prepared to cover these needs as necessary.

Painters! (May 11)

If you are only interested in contributing to painting the mural there is no need to fill out the volunteer form as this is open to all. Just show up early, ready to make your mark. Don’t forget your overalls!

Those interested in volunteering should fill out the form below. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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