ANC Reaches Out to Businesses and Neighborhood Surrounding Mural Site

This past week the Arne Nixon Center Team has been busy getting the word out to the people who perhaps matter most during this project-the community surrounding the site of the future mural. These are the people who will see the mural daily as they walk or drive to school and work, or to frequent the several businesses that line bustling Tulare Avenue which parallels Roosevelt High School.

Because it is important that the business owners are aware of what is going to happen to their building, last Friday Arturo Mendoza (ANCA President), Mariah Santos (ANC Intern), and Rosa Perales (ANC Student Assistant) stopped by to introduce the Arne

Arturo Mendoza, Mariah Santos and Rosa Perales stand in front of the wall that will be transformed next month!

Nixon Center and the project to each of the dozen or so businesses on the strip. Understandably, some people were suspicious about our motives but after answering all questions and filling them with information, the consensus was that they were generally excited about the upcoming event and the opportunity for promotion that it will allow them. Before leaving, the ANC Team made sure to stop by Javence Pizza for one of their renowned asada pizzas.

Half of a large asada pizza because it looked so good we ate half before thinking to take a picture!

Jennifer Crow (ANC curator) and Mariah followed up this week by revisiting the businesses with a packet including a letter of explanation, information about Rafael, a brochure for the center, among other things. The reception was again very positive! Many people commented that it was a great idea and that they look forward to joining in on the celebration.

Tomorrow, the 6th, the Center plans to hit the streets again and pass out flyers to the neighbors in the area. With a group of volunteers, we will pass out the flyers as invitations to support the project and join us in its creation. Because of the high population of Spanish speakers in the area, it was pertinent that we translate the flyer; we are also working on a Hmong translation for future flyering events.

The flyers we created to invite the surrounding area to support and join us in the community mural.

If you are interested in volunteering your time tomorrow morning from 9am-11am or anytime in the future, please check out the volunteer page for more information and to fill out the interest form.

Businesses on Tulare Avenue near Mural Site:

  • Fiesta Auto Insurance, 4209 E. Tulare Avenue
  • Norma’s Salon & Barbershop, 4211 E. Tulare Avenue
  • Antojito’s Selenes, 4223 E. Tulare Avenue
  • All Fresno Locksmith, 4225 E. Tulare Avenue
  • Taqueria Diego, 4227, E. Tulare Avenue
  • Envios Yolis, 4229 E. Tulare Avenue
  • Dulceria Mojica, 4231 E. Tulare Avenue
  • Panaderia el Buen Gusto, 4235 E. Tulare Avenue
  • Javence Pizzeria, 4305 E. Tulare Avenue
  • El Palacio Furniture, 4325 E. Tulare Avenue
  • Bank of America, 4445 E. Tulare Avenue

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