The Center Goes Live on!

Yesterday, March 28, the Arne Nixon Center went live on “Fresno’s premier internet television station”, The Arne Nixon Center Advocate (ANCA) board President, Arturo Mendoza along with intern Mariah Santos discussed the inspiration for the mural project and the opportunities for the community to get involved. This was also an opportunity to spread the word about the website and call for volunteers.

Arturo begins the interview with an anecdote about the art scene in Fresno. While many say things like “There’s nothing to do in Fresno,” or “What’s there to do in Fresno?” he gives evidence against the former through examples of his own schedule filled with activities involving art, activism and community. One of the ways he stays busy is by volunteering his time to the ANCA board as their president where he is involved in a great deal of the planning, advocacy, and fellowship for the center and the many programs and events that we host.

“What’s there to do in Fresno?”

Updates since the last interview with Central Valley Talk include the secured dates for the project (May 6-11), the mural design and its inception through conversation with the community, and the website and blog that was created so that anyone interested could stay updated on the progress of the mural. Finally, Arturo and Mariah announce the need for more volunteers, including the necessity for a team of about six experienced people to aid Rafael for the week leading up to the event. If you would like to contribute to the project but cannot attend or volunteer, there is the option to donate as well. Watch the full interview here:

Additionally, a page titled media was added to the website where users can access this interview and those previously recorded. Any additional videos regarding the project will be uploaded here. There is also a page (still in progress) called photo galleries where albums are being uploaded. So far you can see photos from the Studio 54 Meets Fulton 55 Arne Nixon Center Mural Project Fundraiser and photos of the mural and its location.

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