Arne Nixon Center Mural Project Website Underway

Good afternoon,

If you are reading this it is because you have seen, probably through some form of social media, maybe word-of-mouth, that the Arne Nixon Center Mural Project is getting some space in the Cloud and maybe, just maybe you wanted to see what all the hub was about. I hope so!

We are thrilled to coalesce all the bits of information about the project into one place so that anyone who is interested in learning about, getting involved with, or perhaps sharing information with a friend can easily access everything there is to know about the upcoming collaborative mural project.

So, where are you now in terms of the great Web? You are on the blog page of the Maybe Something Beautiful, Fresno website. If you look at the menu bar at the top of your screen, there is a “Welcome” section. Go ahead and click on it now if you don’t want to read what else I have to say. Otherwise, I promise I’ll keep it short.

Thank you for staying with me.

The welcome section is the ideal place to start because it introduces you to the mural project with a beautiful video created by the people at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. From there you are guided to the “About” section where you can head in your desired direction of the site. Throughout the pages, you may learn about the mural, its inception, plans, events, the authors and illustrator, among other things. To keep track of what is going on via this blog, follow us on Facebook or Twitter where we will be posting updates regularly with #ANCMural .

We look forward to communicating with you, the public, about the status of the community mural and cannot wait to share as things come together. Look out for news about the #ANCMural as we reveal more details of its progress and the upcoming community celebration scheduled Saturday, May 11, 2019.

If you have any questions please contact us. Thank you and have a beautiful day!

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